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Cost of Nursing Homes in Kansas City, Kansas

With the exception of hospitalization, skilled nursing homes are the highest level of care for older adults.. Nursing homes provide custodial care which includes help getting in and out of bed and assistance with feeding, bathing, and dressing. The difference between nursing homes and other senior facility options is that nursing homes provide a level of medical care. Each patient's care is supervised by a licensed physician. Nurses and other medical professionals are generally on site at all times, twenty four hours a day. Occupational and physical therapists are also available on site. This allows the delivery of medical procedures and therapies on site that would not be possible in an assited living environment.

The cost of nursing homes can vary widely depending on the area. Average costs can be upward of $73000 per year. It's important to make a plan for covering the costs of the nursing home. Some seniors may have insurance plans that can help to cover the cost of a nursing home. Only a limited stay in a nursing home can be covered by Medicare. A period of about one hundred days after a three day hospitalization may be covered by Medicare in a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility. If only custodial care is needed, Medicare will not help cover the cost.


Daily Cost for a Semi-Private Room in Kansas

Kansas - Whole State$125$150$209
Kansas – Rest of State$125$148$189

Daily Cost for a Private Room in Kansas

Kansas - Whole State$131$165$250
Kansas – Rest of State$131$159$199




For those with limited income and, ther may be help through the Medicaid program, which does cover most of the costs of nursing home care. Unfortunately, many nursing homes will not accept Medicaid. If you suspect that you may need extended nursing home care in the future, you may want to contact an elder law attorney to learn more about which assets are protected and to what extent. For example, if you have a spouse living at home, your home is normally not considered in eligibility for Medicaid for nursing home purposes, and some of your savings may be partially protected as well. Long term care insurance is another means of offsetting the cost of skilled nursing facility. To see what portion of nursing home care is provided, check the provisions of your plan.